On Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bills

I’ve found myself now writing the same (or fundamentally similar, at least) responses to several individuals on Facebook.  To save myself time and frustration in the future, I’m just stashing it here, so I can copypasta it out as needed.

This specific variant of the response was inspired by someone posting an article from thefederalist.com by a rape survivor.

Okay, so the impetus for the recent transgender bathroom legislation is the idea that without it, a cisgendered man could claim to be a transgendered woman and enter the women’s restroom (or vice versa) for nefarious purposes, yeah? And this legislation will prevent it by assigning additional penalties for their entering that restroom, in addition to the already illegal ‘nefarious purposes’ they entered to conduct?

Well, post-legislation, what is to prevent that same cisgendered man from entering a women’s restroom, asserting that they are in fact a transgendered man, having been born a woman (again, or vice versa) and are therefore compelled by law to use the women’s restroom?

How exactly would you propose resolving that situation? Show ID to Pee? Must they also provide an original birth certificate, which you know everyone carries with them when they’re out and about, because gender can be changed on your drivers license (and just hope that they didn’t get their gender changed on their birth certificate)? And then, will you also make them wait to pee while you phone it in to the state to confirm their birth sex, because they could have photoshopped and printed a forged birth certificate?

For all the conservatives oppose new gun laws saying that they won’t stop criminals and only impede the rights of legal gun owners, why are so many in favor of these bathroom bills, that — again — will not stop determined criminals, and just impede the rights of transgender individuals?

What, apart from making transgendered individuals lives a pure hell, does this legislation actually accomplish? Add on a second charge as a potential deterrent? What rape or assault would that possibly prevent?

Yes, the author of the article in question is a rape survivor. Okay. Was her rapist pretending to be transgendered to gain access to her? Was she raped in a public restroom? Because many Trans individuals are harassed and attacked in public restrooms. And this legislation increases that — as well as increasing the likelihood that they are going to be raped in turn.

Laws should be to secure the safety of the most vulnerable of society. And if you look at the statistics, those are transgendered individuals, who are raped and assaulted and killed at rates far exceeding the general population.

And this legislation makes it worse.

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