Suffragette Landslide

A friend shared a trailer of the upcoming movie Suffragette on Facebook yesterday.  Apart from the fact that the movie itself looks amazing, I was struck by the stunningly beautiful rendition of Landslide overlaid on the second half.

I was immediately taken aback.  It sounded very reminiscent of Imogen Heap, but then again, not.  I left comments, sent tweets, and finally — while I slept last night — got an answer.

Robyn Sherwell.

I’ve never heard of Sherwell previously, but will be looking up her stuff up later today.  For the curious, here’s the straight version of her Landslide cover off her Soundcloud page:

Her stuff is available on iTunes and Amazon, and she’s on Birdland records.

8 thoughts on “Suffragette Landslide

  1. Just saw this trailer today and I can confirm, there actually is a part of an Imogen Heap song before this other version of Landslide starts playing. The song you’re looking for is called “Have You Got it In You?”

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  3. Suffragettes are a classic example of how “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. They weren’t being taken seriously when protesting peacefully, so they escalated to more extreme action. Violence and assassination is not a good solution, but they felt that they were completely without choice. They were legally barred from so many modern avenues of dissent that they felt all they could do was get violent. Many even committed public suicide in protest (throwing themselves under horses etc.) 🙂

  4. The multi-dimensionality with which director and writer paint Maude Watts is what makes “Suffragette” worthy of its subject matter, and Mulligan’s interpretation of her is what makes the film a success. The movie isn’t as dynamic as it could have been, but it gets to the core of what big, important social change means – and how little glory there is in ground work.

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